Editor-In-Chief’s note

It is my pleasure to welcome the new team at Writer’s Room for the first half of 2024! Kristel, Annika, and their respective teams have seemingly boundless enthusiasm for the weeks ahead. I hope you’re as excited as I am to see where they take our publications next. Buckle in, this will be good 🙂

James Sharpe

Editor-In-Chief of Writer’s Room

Writer’s Room Issue #59

APR 2024

Dear Readers,

Welcome to HYPE Issue #59. I am Annika, and I am immensely grateful to be your Editor. This issue aims to keep producing captivating profiles, differing perspectives and bring awareness to the latest trend stories.

Our aim is to bring you a variety of entertaining and enthralling stories, and we hope that you enjoy reading the stories we present to you and feel our passion from wherever you are.

Look forward to another wonderful semester of HYPE stories.

This is HYPE SG, Issue 59.

Annika Mei Das

Editor of Hype

Hype Writer

HYPE’s hardworking editor Annika can definitely lead (the way)!

She has a meticulous eye for detail, and leads the HYPE team with charming grace and a big smile on her face!

She loves to read, and is currently glued to anything by Holly Jackson, The Summer I Turned Pretty , and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han! Annika’s yet another of our resident dancers!

In true cat mom fashion, Annika has an entire Instagram page dedicated to her cat.

Say hello to Urbanwire’s dedicated Editor, Kristel!

No detail escapes her eyes, and she always manages to bring the most creative ideas to the table. Her detail-oriented nature is what makes her work constantly shine.

She’s a social butterfly who enjoys spending time with her friends, shopping or taking night strolls. There’s also an adventurous side to her, as she enjoys exploring new places and watching horror content!

Introducing HYPE’s sociable and affable Deputy Editor, Qi Tao!

He’s a man of many hobbies, some of which include Muay Thai, football and gymming. He also has a keen interest in music, as he enjoys playing songs he enjoys (by ear!) on his guitar.

If you asked him for one challenge he constantly faces, it would be that no one believes his curly hair isn’t permed.

P.S. He’s an avid CR7 fan (if you know, you know!)

Meet Irfan, our Deputy Production Editor for Urbanwire!

With his storytelling skills and artistic vision, he is ready to embark on new projects with a fresh perspective!

Our one-of-a-kind Irfan is also always the first out the door when lessons end, earning him the title of champion of leaving early.

Despite his tech-savvy role, he admits he is clueless when it comes to AI.

Say hello to Hamizan, our meticulous Deputy Production Editor for Urbanwire!

With passion for storytelling and a keen eye for detail, he ensures every video is a masterpiece!

From vlogging his daily adventures to championing mental well-being, he infuses everything he does with meaning!

And in case you couldn’t tell, he’s a BIG Enhypen fan!

Meet Jaden, the flexible, adaptable and admirable Deputy Content Editor of The UrbanWire!

Jaden loves gaming and watching YouTube. As Writer’s Room’s resident baritone, singing along to his favourite tunes and travelling the world are his hobbies!

Jaden also enjoys trying out new food and watching football (COYB).

Jaden also has two dogs! One helps with his sanity, while the other drains it… 

Introducing the powerhouse behind our editorial admin for HYPE, Dayna!

With a meticulous eye for detail, and crazy sense of time, she keeps our team on track and projects running smoothly!

When she’s not busy ensuring everything is perfectly in order, you can catch her serenading us with her clarinet skills or diving into thriller K-dramas!

Despite her love for water slides, you will never catch her on a roller coaster!

Introducing UrbanWire’s resident musician and Editorial Admin, Joanna!

She plays the yangqin, viola and piano, and if you’re looking for classical music, musical and soundtrack recommendations, she’s your person!

With her adaptable nature, nothing can strike her down, and you can be assured that all will be on track once she steps in!

If you want to get on her good side, have a chat with her about novels, specifically crime and mystery (she hoards too many books for her own good).

Say hello to Wei Ting, our bubbly and team oriented Events Manager!

Her keen eye for detail together with her passion for planning and organising events will make you look forward to what’s coming up this year!

Music is the centre of Wei Ting’s life! She is an ATEEZ and Laufey forlifer, and Writer’s Room’s very own Kpop star loves covering the latest dances during her free time!

Kpop and concerts are Wei Ting’s source of happiness! (until such time she reaches bankruptcy, which might be soon)!

Meet Mishael, our awkwardly goofy Lead Designer!

Mish loves all things music, as his listening range spans from art pop to black metal, hip hop and even indietronica! Records are his best friend!

He may operate on sporadic bursts of energy, but fret not, as these bursts culminate in amazing designs and graphics (Yes, he designed this post).

Given his talent and eye for design, it comes to no surprise that he’s a dedicated user of Pinterest. His longest record of usage is 3 hours..

Introducing one of the creative forces behind our socials, Adrienne, the social media manager for Urbanwire!!

When she’s not busy crafting content, you can probably catch her playing melodies on the violin or listening to Taylor Swift’s folklore album ON REPEAT!!

Adrienne also escapes into the worlds of fantasy and romcoms in her free time, except for Twilight! (Sorry to all the Twilight fans)

Meet our tenacious Social Media Lead, Javen!

Here’s another athletic member of the team, as he enjoys either going to the gym or playing sports like football! If he isn’t found in sports attire, he’ll be busy playing FIFA or his favourite tunes!

We can tell how much he enjoys FIFA from how much time he spends on it — a total of over 500 accumulated hours..

Say hi to Alayna! HYPE’s very own Social Media Manager!

With adaptability and positivity as her stronger suits, she’s ready to kickstart our online presence. As Lana Del Ray plays as the soundtrack to her life, you will catch her laughing at the silliest things! 

Don’t be surprised if you can’t find her Instagram account one day, she probably impulsively deleted it! (Just like she has done many times in the past) 

Enter Mr. Sharpe, the charming Editor-in-Chief of Writer’s Room!

Mr. Sharpe enjoys riding his motorbike (especially to get off campus) and going sailing with family and friends.

He’s a stickler for punctuality & integrity, but is otherwise relatively chill!

Mr. Sharpe may be towering, but is the definition of a gentle giant!

Writer’s Room. Class of 2025.