Editor’s note

Perspective is the way we view the world around us. It’s more than just about what we see and hear, but most importantly, it’s about how we feel. Telling a good story is often what people settle for, but changing perspectives is the true challenge I strive to overcome. Videos, photos and words are nothing when it lacks in conveying emotion and impact, because we as content creators and journalists are the ones who put on a new lens for our audiences to view the world from a different perspective.

The UrbanWire and HYPE both have had long histories in delivering introspective articles and video stories for youths, and it’s truly a great privilege for me to be able to take on the role of Editor-in-Chief of the newly-formed publication house, Writer’s Room.

As the pioneering batch of Writer’s Room, we hope to carry on the legacy of our predecessors from both The UrbanWire and HYPE as we continue to share engaging stories and offer new perspectives to our readers. 

Welcome to the Writer’s Room.

Benedict Kok


HYPE Issue #57
APR 2023

136. That’s not just a random number – that’s how many K-Dramas Benedict has watched since the pandemic. When he’s not watching K-Dramas, he’s probably listening to the same few K-pop tunes on repeat. As our beloved editor-in-chief, Benedict is in charge of handling the inner shenanigans of HYPE. If you ever need Benedict’s help, Makan Place Bandung is the only currency he accepts.


If you need any food recommendations, just hit up Isabelle, our dearest Deputy Editor, for she is our resident foodie. Always partnered with her film camera, you can catch her either thrifting for neutral-colored apparel or simply chilling at a café. In her own words, “The only day I will ever wear pink is when the grass turns blue…or maybe with a bribe of bubble tea.”


Introducing our resident fashionista, part-time amateur interior designer, and Deputy Editor, Siti! We suspect that she has mastered the ability to simultaneously edit our articles while dressing up for fun. One is warned never to let her go near a Starbucks Caramel Frappe with extra Caramel Drizzle, for we might lose her forever. 

A discerning eye and taste for both websites, analytics, and music separates Josiah from the rest of Writer’s Room. Did you know he has listened to “hypochondriac” by brakence about 100 times since it came out in December 2022?Unfortunately, his alleged favourite drink: Pei Pa Koa milk tea from KOI and Woobbee has us questioning his taste buds. 

Fancy a shoulder to cry and laugh on? Look no further than our fellow Web Manager, Charis, who excels at picking RomComs to watch and also managing all aspects of our website. In her spare time, she listens to OPM (original pinoy music) and actively steers clear of egg mayo. 

Lights, camera, action! If you need any help with production, why not give our lead videographer Elena a call? She’s obsessed with cats and is always prepped, with cat treats on her at all times. If you can’t find her on weekends, she’s either out taking pictures or… most likely asleep. 

Social media is the name of the game for Ernest, our iced americano and laksa obsessed Social Media Manager. If he is not thinking of bad jokes to make everyone laugh, you can usually find Ernest brainstorming the next social media content idea while listening to Paramore and the 1975. He once fell down a flight of stairs and had to get 3 stitches on his left eyebrow. PSA: He has never told anyone in Writer’s Room about this. 

Bow down to the content  maestro, for he excels at all things social media. Introducing Dann Tan, our black carrot cake obsessed social media manager, and  resident Wallows stan! In his own words, “I do sport, but have over 1000+ hours spent on my Playstation games HAHA” Nuff’ said.

Café-hopping while listening to Lana Del Rey and exploring neighborhoods is what you will probably catch Charlize doing during her solo dates. Despite her bad sense of direction, she has a sharp eye for aesthetics and design, it’s no wonder she’s our Lead Designer, making sure all our design-related dreams come to life. At this point, we think she is powered by only matcha exclusively. Did I mention she hates eggs and has a humor for bad jokes?

Meet Kai Ting, our resident Editorial Admin Manager who’s addicted to 3 teas: Matcha, Earl Grey, and Hojicha. With her organised brain and workstyle, she is able to remember the littlest details, making us all indebted to her. However, her decision to continue eating seafood even though she’s allergic to it has us questioning her life choices. 

Webcomics, DPR Ian, and Grazy TV are the three things our dear editorial admin manager, Syafina, loves. Of course, not forgetting soy milk! Her natural ability to navigate her way around schedules and remember the small details has us all grateful. However, her crippling addiction to buying pearl necklaces and collecting anime cards has her wishing she had made more financially-sound decisions.

Looking for giveaway opportunities? We would like to refer you to our classical music connoisseur and polyglot, Humaira! You will probably catch her planning events while listening to Tchaikovsky and sipping a mean Chai Latte. With her at the helm, we are assured that our events are always in good hands.

Who do you call when you need help? Definitely not the Ghostbusters, but Mr James Sharpe! Supervising a new season of HYPE and UrbanWire, he can usually either be found sailing or approving and editing our stories while pondering his decision to stay bald. If you ever want to express your gratitude for him, he kindly accepts all types of curry (he doesn’t discriminate!) and a mean Caesar Salad.