Editor-In-Chief’s note

The Writer’s Room is now in its second semester! We’ve come so far in such a short space of time. It has been a whirlwind of a year so far. This semester we have tweaked the roles a little, so now Hype & The UrbanWire each have a dedicated editor & deputy editor who report to me. We’ve got a team of 10 students, who have hit the ground running.

The sheer level of enthusiasm I’m witnessing has me really excited to see what they’re capable of as we close out 2023. I’ve already heard some really interesting content pitches on topics as diverse as Street Chess and Urban Gardening, so I’ve every confidence we’ve got a treasure trove of interest-piquing, mind-expanding content to come.

James Sharpe

Editor-In-Chief of Writer’s Room

Writer’s Room Issue #58

OCT 2023

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the latest installment of HYPE SG, Issue #58. I am Gracelyn, and it’s my honor to be your Editor. Issue #58 carries the torch of HYPE SG’s legacy, promising you a tapestry of enthralling profiles, diverse perspectives, and trend stories – all of which will be clearly delivered through a blend of first-person and third-person perspectives.

Our mission is to curate narratives that not only entertain but also elevate. Have you ever pondered the reasons behind a particular trend’s meteoric rise? This is where we foster a deep exploration of such topics. Look forward to broadening your horizons with us as we strive to provide a multifaceted view of the world through a kaleidoscope of diverse lenses, profiles, and stories.

We hope you enjoy every story as much as we enjoyed crafting them. Get ready for a journey with us.

This is HYPE SG, Issue #58.

Gracelyn Lim

Editor of Hype

Hype Writer
Hype Writer

Meet Gracelyn, the Editor of Hype who proclaims to be our team’s green tea enthusiast. Seriously, she may have more green tea in her veins than water. When stress hits, you can bet desserts and fries are her ultimate remedy.

And don’t even think about catching her without her headphones. They’re practically glued to her ears. Hype’s Editor knows what she’s doing, so you bet there’s only work of the highest standards around here!

Our sweet-looking Editor of The UrbanWire, Fang Yi, has a hidden side. She loves listening to true crime podcasts and is a skater girl!

With a passion for production and journalism, Fang Yi excels at storytelling and captivating the audience behind the screen.

Oh, and did we mention? She has an exceptional talent for securing the most in-demand concert tickets. But don’t worry, she’s not a scalper!

Meet Kayla, Hype’s Deputy Editor and resident softball superstar! She swings bats and stuffs herself with seafood just as swiftly (despite her mild allergy).

When she’s not hitting bases, she ensures that all grammar rules are enforced. She’s Meticulous and thorough, she leaves no mistakes behind!

If you ever want to win the heart of our Deputy Editor, just put seafood on the table and watch her eyes light up as if she’s found a treasure chest.

There’s nothing our literary guru and fashion queen, Nicole, cannot do! Despite having her nose buried in books, she’s also an expert in accessorising, often adorning herself with exquisite necklaces and rings.

As our Deputy Editor, she ensures smooth operations, ensuring that everything falls into place seamlessly.

As an avid solo traveller, she has ventured to places like Vietnam and Australia alone. Whether you’re looking for travel advice or a new wardrobe, look out for Ms. Popular, Nicole!

Just your scary classmate? No! Our designer, Hui Ying, loves covering the latest K-pop dances. In case you’re wondering, yes, she designed this post.

If she’s not busy practising the hardest dance moves, you can catch her sipping matcha while binge-watching crime documentaries!

Want to see her cute one-sided dimple, don’t offer her coriander – it’s her greatest nemesis.

Meet Keziah, your local Sanrio lover who can’t resist all things girly and cute, especially coquette outfits. Though she claims to be financially responsible, Taobao remains her greatest weakness.

In addition to producing content and managing our social media channels, she enjoys editing videos featuring her latest shopping hauls.

She’s actively pursuing her dream of owning a house in Bukit Timah. How, you may ask? By purchasing lottery tickets every month and praying for the best.

Need a good laugh or a profound analysis of any situation? Look no further than our cherished publicity manager, Aishah!

With an unwavering passion for Ferraris, Aish dedicates most of her time to scrolling through TikTok, purely for “inspiration” … or so she claims.

With a completely healthy obsession with kebabs and Spiderman, you’re sure to have a good time with her! (But not for a long time because her curfew remains at 9pm)

Preethika – Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s No. 1 chiobu is here! This travel enthusiast loves shopping, coffee, and visiting trendy cafes (Though she may or may not leave a bad review).

As our editorial admin, Preethika enforces all our deadlines and ensures that everyone stays on track. She has little patience for missed deadlines and even less for slow walkers.

But don’t fret! There’s an easy way to win her over; A cup of ice is all you’ll need to cool all her feistiness away.

Our beloved and sassy Scorpio, Charlene, can nail any One Direction song in just three seconds! (She’s a Louis stan.)

Just like the 1D song goes, our events manager “won’t let little things slip out” of her mind. Her attentive and bubbly personality is sure to leave an impression!

If you’re looking forward to forming a connection with her, all you gotta do is strike up a conversation about anything related to dogs or cats! She’s sure to listen to anything and everything about them (or so we think).

Meet Qi En, our introverted and soft-spoken web manager. As an avid artist, she spends her free time crafting trinkets out of clay. Her favourite crafts are coasters and jewellery plates that she fills with her growing collection of accessories.

Looking to distract Qi En? Just dangle either mochis or a slice of pizza in front of her and you’re done!

“Vrrrroooomm!” echoes through the campus, unmistakably signalling the arrival of Mr Sharpe on his sleek black motorbike. This charismatic figure isn’t just your ordinary Editor; he’s the Editor-In-Chief of The Writer’s Room!

Despite his cool exterior, Mr Sharpe is the most approachable and down-to-earth person you’ll ever meet. He’s the gatekeeper of creativity, approving all story ideas and always participating in the silliest TikTok trends with us. #sharpetok

Writer’s Room. Class of 2024.