What is HYPE?

Founded in 1994, HYPE was the campus’ lifestyle magazine which was distributed during the school’s flagship events like Open House. With the dawn of the digital age, we’ve merged with npTribune to bring readers a whole new animal: the online version of HYPE!


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Editor’s Note

The pandemic has completely upended our lives.

In such times, our mental fortitude is being tested.
Times where our true strength is tested and yet at the same time, a chance to rediscover and accept ourselves. 

Acceptance and growth.
Stories of strength within these challenging times as each and every one of us are forced to grow as human beings.
Stories of acceptance as we are forced to reckon with our inner selves. 

As a team, we are keenly aware of the legacy passed down to us. We seek to not only continue this legacy but also to further reinforce it. We aim to not only adapt to this new world the pandemic has brought, but to thrive in it. Returning from our internships, we have gained new experiences and insights and we aim to channel our new skills into HYPE. 

As Singapore slowly emerges from the ravages of the pandemic into this new world, as we emerge from our homes to interview profiles, we seek to bring you more personal stories of acceptance and growth in these trying times.

The continuation of the revamped HYPE. The second chapter of a story yet untold.

HYPE ISSUE #52 2020/2021

Who is HYPE?

SNG-FUN Poh yoke

Managing Editor

Mrs Sng’s bountiful experience is reflected in the inspiring stories and personal anecdotes she often shares. When she’s not teaching, she’s either working on her book, or taking care of her plants!



Deputy Managing Editor

Small but mighty, he has a varied number of interests from music to fashion, food to travel. Did you know that before he turned to journalism, Mr Ramani wanted to start a band? He hopes to write more short stories and poems when he retires.


Deputy Managing Editor 

He is a 1080p man, with 20/20 vision – surely, Mr Sharpe will bring HYPE to greater heights! His quick wit, combined with singlish slang and his accent, never leaves a dull moment in our team calls.


lai shueh yuan

Main Editor & npTribune Section Editor

Shueh Yuan is an avid fan of anime. So, if you ever need some recommendations, you know who to turn to! He’s also a mini-expert when it comes to trains so hop on board his journey as HYPE’s Main Editor!

Cheryl Yau

Publicity & Marketing Manager

Cheryl hypes up the energy levels with her cheerful personality. She has an obsession with the colour pink – everything she possesses is pink. Fun fact: Her favourite season is Christmas! 

Alicia sim

Deputy Editor & npTribune Section Editor

Alicia is your go-to if you ever need help with stories, questions or anything under the sun and she loves all things yummy! And when she’s stressed, it’s new nails, no problem.

Abigail Chua

People Section Editor

Our very own Little Miss Sunshine is an introverted extrovert who loves talking to people. She may seem distracted from time to time but that’s probably just because she’s thinking of TikTok videos…

Nur Rasyikah Bte Andi Satria

Places Section Editor

You’re looking at the poster child of ‘Pretty in Pink’! She’s cool, yet pretty clumsy. Her life motto is “Don’t let anyone dull your sparkles!” and she embodies this by surrounding herself with all things sparkly

Muhammad Harun

Editorial Admin & Lifestyle Section Editor

Harun is always more than happy to show you the ultimate love of his life, his kitty cat: Meeko! He has a wide range of hobbies from games to Malay dance.  He also loves cleaning.

Aqilah Salim

Perspectives Section Editor

Besides living her life by the 3Ls: live, loaf, laugh, she either has her head high up in the clouds or her nose buried deep in a book. But when it comes to getting work done, you can count on her, for sure!

HYPE ISSUE #52 2020/2021

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Clarice Chua Fu Yi

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Special thanks to our freelance designers for contributing to our design efforts by producing article sidebars.

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