A New Age of Studying: A Cat’s Calming Companionship

Join HAMIZAN AHMAD as he explores the concept of cat coworking spaces in Singapore as a new mode of productivity.

Black Dresses’ LAUGHINGFISH: Codependency, Manipulation and Struggling to Find Oneself

Join MISHAEL LEE as he drags you down a rabbit hole of noise and angst on Black Dresses’ seventh full-length album, LAUGHINGFISH.

4 Pieces of Life Advice from the First Female President of Singapore

The Jauhari Series presents “Unleashing potential: Journey to the highest office in the land” with former President, Hamilah Yacob. Join KRISTEL TAN as she lists pieces of life advice from the talk session.

Gunna’s One of Wun: A Calm Take in Chaos

With many of his songs being all-out hype and blood-pumping, One of Wun proves to be a defining point in the career of Gunna. Join JAVEN KONG as he explores Gunna’s newest album in detail.





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