Enchanting Holidays Unveiled: A Festive Occasion of Christmas Wonderland, Pinkmas Delights and Ice Magic! 

Join NOORAISHAH KARIM as she brings you along on a journey to three different Christmas events and tells you what you can expect when you’re there! 



Nooraishah Karim
Social Media Manager

Hype Issue #58

Published on
December 21, 2023

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas indeed! Christmas marks a time of joy and togetherness, and what better way to celebrate it than heading to the variety of Christmas-themed events and markets that we have right here in Singapore? If you’re scratching your head wondering what to do during this festive season, here are some events that you can consider for a jolly weekend out with your significant other, family, or friends. 

1. Christmas Wonderland at Gardens By The Bay

Christmas Wonderland at Gardens By The Bay

You can customise your own fans outside the dining area at Christmas Wonderland.
Photo by Nooraishah Karim.

Celebrate this December as Christmas Wonderland returns to Gardens by the Bay from Dec 1, 2023, to Jan 1, 2024. Presented by Trip.com, the tenth edition of what is claimed to be Singapore’s grandest fair promises an expansive fairground adorned with a dazzling array of light displays, exciting new carnival rides, and a host of festive activities. 

We headed down to the event and here’s what we recommend: 

a) Garden Rhapsody and Blizzard Time

Garden Rhapsody and Blizzard Time

Look out for the lights synced with Christmas music featuring the white Spalliera! Photo by Gardens By The Bay.

Step into a tropical wonderland at the Spalliera, the 20m-tall iconic light structure, where the magic of Christmas unfolds in Garden Rhapsody with a light and sound show. Watch the iconic Supertrees dance to your favourite Christmas tunes in a mesmerising spectacle at daily shows starting from 7:45pm, 8:45pm, and 9:35pm. But the real surprise comes with Blizzard Time – when ‘snow’ falls in tropical Singapore!

Picture this: fluffy soap bubbles gently descending, creating a whimsical and hilarious experience. With daily shows at 8:45pm and 9:35pm, this festive spectacle is not just an event, but a memory in the making, filled with laughter, music, and the most unconventional snowfall you’ll ever encounter.

Enjoy the festive magic at the Spalliera with snow and magical lights all around you!

b) Mistletoe Alley

Nestled within the enchanting atmosphere of festive lights and whimsical decorations, Mistletoe Alley unfolds like a holiday treasure chest. Envision yourself strolling through this captivating space, where each step is accompanied by the warm glow of twinkling lights that cast a magical aura.

Here, a collection of charming festive huts awaits, each a haven for unique and thoughtfully curated Christmas gifts. Whether you’re looking for a special gift for a loved one or hoping to uncover a hidden gem to adorn your holiday celebrations, Mistletoe Alley is the place to be for this festive quest. From cute postcards to handmade crafts, you’ll be enticed by their selection. There are also free samples of food and drinks for you to try before committing to the purchase!

c) Carnival games

Unleash your inner carnival champion at Supertree Grove and Frosty’s Fairground! Take a shot at Ring Toss, try your luck with Fishy Fishy, or go for the big win at Blockbuster. The best part? You might even get to bring home a prize. It’s all in good fun, and who knows, you might discover some hidden talents!

The fun doesn’t stop there – if you’re looking for something more thrilling, check out their bumper cars or the Meteorite ride! Why not give it a whirl? Putting the games aside, it’s all about the laughter, challenges, thrill, and excitement as well. Tickets are priced between $10 to $12.

2. Pinkmas at the Museum of Ice Cream

In the spirit of Christmas, the Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC) is redefining the joy of gifting by emphasising shared experiences and cherished memories. From now to Jan 15, 2023, every booking you make – regardless of the number of tickets you’re getting – comes with one complimentary ticket. This special offer allows you to share the enchantment and delight of MOIC’s vibrant world with the special people in your life. Whether it’s a family outing, a date, or a gathering with friends, the gift of a shared experience at MOIC during the festive Pinkmas season promises to create lasting memories and spread the joy of giving.

We headed down to their event and this is what we recommend:

a) The ice creams at each station

Venturing into the enticing world of MOIC not only promises a visual feast but also a delectable journey through a myriad of ice cream flavours such as pink guava, red bean Potong, and peppermint chocolate. For an unforgettable indulgence, we recommend savouring the unique and ever-changing array of ice cream delights at each station, adding a flavourful twist to your MOIC adventure.

b) Pink Bouncy Castle


Join us in celebrating pinkmas !!

♬ original sound - theurbanwire

Amidst the whimsical wonders of MOIC, one attraction that caught our attention was the Pink Bouncy Castle — an amazing experience that adds an extra layer of fun to the immersive journey through this sweet haven. Towering in shades of bubblegum and cotton candy pink, the castle invites visitors of all ages to bounce and play in a world that seems plucked straight from a confectionery dream. 

c) Pink Sprinkles Pit 

Hidden away within the sugary wonderland of MOIC is the Pink Sprinkles Pit — an immersive adventure that takes the concept of “playing with your food” to a whole new level. This vibrant pit, filled to the brim with millions of synthetic balloons resembling pink sprinkles, beckons visitors to dive in and experience the sheer joy of being surrounded by a sea of confectionery delight. This is a must-visit if you head there! 

3. Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland

The Ice Magic event this year also offers slide races, where you can challenge your friends or your significant other to the ultimate slide-down!

Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland is the last and final stop of our amazing adventure! Ice Magic invites you to immerse yourself in a captivating world of ice and snow adventures. Here is what we recommend:

a) Merry-Go-Round on Ice! 

Want to experience Singapore’s first-ever merry-go-round on ice? Explore the 8m-diameter carousel set on glistening ice, promising magical spins and enchantment. Don’t worry if you’re prone to motion sickness, as the speed of the merry-go-round is perfect, not too fast but not too slow either. It was a rather relaxing experience if you were to ask us!

b) Snow Slope

Try out the longest snow slope in Singapore right here at Ice Magic! You can ride alone if you’re fearless or with a partner for some good festive fun! The slide is around 98m long, just enough for a sleigh-ride! And if you’re wondering if you’d be sliding down on the cold, solid ice on your pants, the answer is no. There’d be a plastic “sleigh” for you to sit and slide down on. If you’re afraid of sliding down alone, they let you go down with your friends as well (we did that and it’s way more fun than going down alone).

If you were wondering, Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland runs from Dec 9, 2023, to Jan 21, 2024, at the Bayfront Event Space. Prices go from an affordable early bird rate of $29 to weekend prices of $39 per person, with additional perks such as a complimentary cup of hot chocolate on public holidays and eves of the same at $49, MMM don’t mind if we do!

As you embark on this festive adventure, remember that the joy of the holidays lies not only in the decorations and treats but also in the shared moments with loved ones. So, gather your family and friends, embrace the magic of the season, and create memories that will warm your hearts for years to come. From the enchanting realms of Christmas Wonderland to the sweet indulgence of Pinkmas at the Museum of Ice Cream, and the sparkle of Ice Magic, let this holiday season celebrate love, laughter, and the joy of giving.