Defying Acne: A Courageous Journey to Self-Love

Acne, commonly dismissed as a temporary phase during puberty, took centre stage in Jezlynne Syazwani’s career as a beauty content creator. SITI NADHRAH finds out more about her journey from overcoming hate to becoming successful in her niche.



Siti Nadhrah
Deputy Editor

Hype Issue #57

Published on
July 5, 2023

Acne. It’s a word that often evokes feelings of self-consciousness and insecurity. While some may view it as a passing phase in their teenage years, others continue to struggle with it even as adults. 

In a conversation with Jezlynne Syazwani, 25, popularly known as @doublewks on TikTok, I had the privilege of delving into her inspiring story. She opened up about how she triumphed over online criticism, carving a path for herself as a successful beauty content creator in a niche defined by her acne-prone skin.

Jezlynne confidently shared a minimal makeup selfie on Instagram, celebrating her natural skin. Photo courtesy of Jezynne Syazwani.

In her teenage years, Jezlynne recalls experiencing occasional mild breakouts on her forehead. However, as she transitioned into adulthood and began her professional career, a drastic change occurred. Jezlynne found herself grappling with severe adult acne, coupled with the onset of eczema.

She shared, “It was during my full-time work commitments that stress started taking its toll on me. Moreover, the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, such as mask-wearing and the pressures of my job, seemed to exacerbate my acne problem.”

Nonetheless, Jezlynne’s enduring passion for makeup and skincare remained an integral part of her identity throughout this journey.

Jezlynne passionately channels her love for makeup by sharing her meticulously crafted and time-consuming creative looks on social media. Photo courtesy of Jezynne Syazwani.

When she took the plunge into the world of social media, she noticed a distinct scarcity of individuals showcasing their natural skin. She simply wanted to create normal content, yet her acne-prone skin inadvertently became the focal point of attention.

“It was disheartening because even though I was just like any other girl sharing content online, my acne became the only thing that stood out,” Jezlynne said.

This unwelcoming spotlight not only affected her self-esteem, but also overshadowed her efforts to showcase her talents and express her creativity through makeup tutorials and looks. Hate comments flooded her posts, with viewers fixating on her skin instead of appreciating her skills. Jezlynne admitted that her self-confidence took a substantial blow.

Jezlynne documents her experiences with various stages and relapses of skin flare-ups on TikTok. Photo courtesy of Jezynne Syazwani.

Jezlynne revealed, “It wasn’t just about people noticing my skin.”

“They were constantly criticising my passion, questioning why I bothered applying makeup to acne and textured skin,” she added. 

However, Jezlynne’s career took a positive turn when she found a community of people who not only supported her but also found solace and inspiration in her content. She displayed bravery and transparency by openly sharing her skincare journey, which deeply resonated with some. 

Over time, she felt embraced by a community that genuinely supported her creative endeavours and respected her as an individual.

This newfound support inspired Jezlynne to create content revolving around her experiences with acne-prone skin. Growing up, she yearned for relatable beauty figures who shared her skin type and beauty struggles “especially when everything on social media appears picture-perfect”.

As a makeup enthusiast, she observed that the industry heavily relied on filters, distorting the perception of real skin. She found a plethora of influencers with seemingly flawless complexions creating makeup tutorials, yet she rarely encountered anyone addressing the challenges of textured or acne-prone skin in that space. 

“I thought, maybe I could be the one to show people that even with textured or acne-prone skin, they could look to me for guidance,” Jezlynne said.


throwback to the week when i had my period with an eczema flare up

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What sets her content apart is her ability to empathise with her followers’ acne struggles which she skillfully transforms into inspiring video ideas. This is a valuable lesson she has learned throughout her journey as a content creator in the beauty industry: there are people who believe in you and follow you for your distinctive content.  

Nowadays, with trends dictating our every move and anonymous hate comments lurking around every corner, it’s easy to lose sight of one’s authenticity and yearn for an idealised version of oneself.

Jezlynne posted a makeup-free selfie on Instagram, encouraging everyone to appreciate their natural skin and embrace self-love. Photo courtesy of Jezynne Syazwani.

To those grappling with acne or other skin-related issues, Jezlynne offers a heartfelt message: “No matter how your skin appears – whether it’s clear or if you’re wrestling with imperfections – you are beautiful. Each skin journey is unique, and once you embrace your own beauty and radiate confidence from within, that inner glow will effortlessly surface.”